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Spatial Planning & Institutional Design

Lecture 2

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Country overview: Dutch spatial planning - too good to be true?
This lecture of De Roo starts with comparing the different participating cities and countries, to identify differences in scale. These differences are a motive to reason about the planning differences of the various cities and countries participating. De Roo continuous with the exploration of the specific identity of Dutch Spatial Planning - known for its thorough and comprehensive approach. While Dutch planning is famous around the globe De Roo will deconstruct part of the Dutch planning myth, to discuss the limits of ‘full control’.
The Netherlands is definitely not a Utopia for planners in the sense that everything is being decided upon by planners, based on their blueprint plans. The Netherlands is far more interesting as a spatial lab for planners, which including planning mistakes.
This spatial planning lab allows the development of innovative, new approaches. These new approaches lead to alternative roles for the planner. Also of interest is the notion that while various new approaches have been embraced the identity of the urban landscape is still very much Dutch.

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