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Spatial Planning & Institutional Design

Inês Boavida-Portugal

Inês Boavida is an Assistant Professor in Spatial Planning at the Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. She holds a PhD in Geography and Spatial Planning from the University of Lisbon (Portugal), in which she studied tourism dynamics in urban context, potential conflicts between tourists and residents and how municipalities and tourism boards are dealing with these issues.

She is currently working on comparing tourism strategies in several european cities trying to establish a tool-kit for 'best practices' towards a sustainable destination management. She is also interested in ICT and its potential for improving sustainable, healthy and efficient cities. Smart is a new trend - Smart Cities, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Tourism - and Inês is interested in looking at this promising trend and the implications for cities and citizens.

She advocates that tools to deal with the world’s complexity, from a bottom-up, agent-by-agent approach are needed. Agent-based modelling, Methods for Participatory planning, ICT, User-generated content, Crowdsourced data, Social Media have proven potential to deal with this increasingly acknowledged complexity and support more informative and reflexive decisions.

As a lecturer, Inês is involved in several Bachelor and Master level courses about urbanism and planning.


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